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Create a COVID-free bubble around your business

Safe Entry™ provides a cost-effective COVID-free solution for a wide range of industries and applications. We can tailor services to your specific business, venue and point of entry.

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In-Person Events

Maximize ticket sales and achieve capacity attendance safely and securely. Safe Entry™ is ideal for live performances, including concerts, theaters, festivals, and other venues where crowds gather.

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Travel & Hospitality

Provide business and leisure travelers with peace of mind, while reducing business risk. Use the Safe Entry™ system in airports, cruise ship and ferry terminals, train and bus stations, and other travel points of entry.
Learn more about our Safe Travel System™ >

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Conventions & Trade Shows

Get back to business with safe, in-person attendance at conventions and trade shows. Once attendees have their Digital Certificate with proof of test and proof of registration, they can come and go at will throughout the event.

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Workplace Safety

Keep COVID out of your office or worksite. Safe Entry™ is ideal for office buildings, manufacturing facilities, oil and gas fields and refineries, construction sites, film sets and locations—wherever people are working in groups.

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Government & Institutions

Safe Entry™ is perfect for ensuring the safety of government workers and educational institutions. It offers a turnkey testing solution for government agency facilities, military bases, colleges and universities, and non-profit institutions.

People are concerned about getting COVID while traveling on airplanes. We use the Safe Entry System to ensure passengers do not have COVID and to help them feel safer during flights.

~Airline Operations Director

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