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Safe Travel Station

Making safe travel easy and efficient

The problem: long lines at airports and other travel venues and a lack of test results to confirm travelers’ COVID status. The solution: the Safe Travel Station from KrowdX. 

Test results in minutes 


With the Safe Travel Station, we deliver accurate COVID-19 test results directly to travelers’ smartphones to process thousands of passengers in minutes.

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COVID-negative passengers receive a test certification on their phones immediately, minimizing wait times.  

Safe Travel Station - Airport Kiosk

Simple, affordable solution

Our Safe Travel Station is a complete, turnkey solution for rapid, on-site testing and COVID-free certification. We provide the testing station and staffing, with capacity to accommodate high-volume traffic quickly—at an affordable per-passenger cost.

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Three simple steps




At the point of entry, we authenticate each customer.

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Rapid Test

We collect a shallow nasal sample and perform our revolutionary COVID rapid test to confirm COVID-negative status. A unique QR code links the test result to the customer.




The customer, ticket and test are given a unique digital ID logged on our secure blockchain. A digital certificate is minted for the customer’s smartphone, verifying their COVID status.


The benefits you need right now

  • Increase peace of mind for passengers, staff and crews.

  • Reduce wait times by confirming passengers’ COVID status in minutes.

  • Maximize efficiency with a turnkey solution that frees up your staff.

  • Add value with proof-of-test results integrated with digital health passports.

People are concerned about getting COVID while traveling on airplanes. We use the Safe Entry System to ensure passengers do not have COVID and to help them feel safer during flights.

~Airline Operations Director

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